A Church That Cares

At NCF, we believe that pastoral care is the responsibility of every Christian, so we provide multiple ways for sharing needs within the church. We believe that small groups are a vital opportunity for Bible study and ministry, and to serve one another through practical care. These groups are the main point of connection for our congregation, where we share our lives, hold each other acountable, and support one another on life’s journey. At NCF, everyone can both care and be cared for.

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A Church That Gives

We believe that when more energy and resources go into a church than out of it, that’s a problem! At NCF, we want to reflect the generosity of God, and are committed to giving a minimum of 60% of our gross income towards missionary activities, local needs and charities. NCF gives significant personnel and financial resources for global missionary work, particularly to our friends in China.

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A Church That is Family

At NCF we believe that church is an “extended family”. Society has become increasingly fragmented, and we believe the church is a vital part of God’s response. We view our homes as extensions of the church, and use them for His glory at every opportunity. When we gather, we often share a meal (“church around the table”) and, while providing Sunday School for our children, we also try to include them in our gatherings as much as possible. At NCF, we believe church should be a loving family that is accountable to one another and meets the needs of its members.

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A Church That Sends

God’s kingdom transcends the church,and yet so much of traditional church activity points inward, orienting around its buildings and programs. We believe that God works in the other direction, and always sends His very best, unconditionally. He sent His only Son, and He wants to do the same with us. At NCF we see ourselves as workers who have been sent into the world to serve God’s kingdom. We will encourage you to share your faith and your God-given resources in whatever field you are working and living in, partnering with Jesus in meeting the needs of those he places around you.


NCF believes in voluntary shared leadership, the government of elders, and apostolic oversight. Leadership is functional not positional, and is based on character as described in 1 Timothy and Titus. Our local leadership team are voluntary elders responsible for government and pastoral care. We also receive and share leadership input with individuals from around the world whom we recognize as having apostolic gifting.

A Church That Equips

We subscribe to what Martin Luther called the “priesthood of all believers”, believing that every Christian is a full-time, voluntary minister in His kingdom. The ministries described in Ephesians 4 exist for the equipping of Christ’s body, which only grows and
matures “by that which every part supplies”. At NCF, everyone is vital. We will help you discover your spiritual gifts, and provide opportunities for you to grow and function in the ministry that God has called you to.